mrs_ryanc (mrs_ryanc) wrote,

yeah so, i pretty much just made this journal so i could comment on my sisters journal. please, dont look foward to updates that often! even though I do love you all. I do however update my gj alot its

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hey there! Ooh, I like your background...maybe you can help me fix mine too!

Call sometime, man.
duh i'll help you fix your layout!
You just need to find a picture that you want on it, and then some colors for the scrollbar and stuff like that and then i'll need your password to put it on there. I have a job and have been SUPER busy with school, so i dont know when i can come up next. i will soon though! I ♥ you lots!

what the frick? How do you do that? Man, you need to come up here pronto, so you can help me pimp my "L-J" (as dad calls it) out.

Where do you work? I've been working alot too. I actually have next Saturday off though, so that's pretty exciting!

Well, I'll see you later.
its a secret. i ork at ponder'gross'a
yeah..thats supposed to say 'work' not ork